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Check out the detailed schedule for the Innovation and Design Clinic Final Design Reviews.
IV League Capstone Team member holding the IV Pole Redesign project for Valley Children's Hospital.
Lighting assembly (designed as part of an ME170 senior project) may one day be used to light interior of the National Ignition Facility at LLNL.
Student Winners take a group photo with organizers and sponsors at the conclusion of the 2014 Awards Program.
Innovate to Grow IDC Capstone Winners
Engineering Service Learning students engage in a variety of projects that benefit the community.

is the annual showcase of UC Merced student ingenuity and entrepreneurship.

This year, 2017, marks UC Merced and the School of Engineering's 6th annual Innovate to Grow event (REGISTER HERE!)

  • Innovation Design Clinic (IDC) : graduating engineers work on capstone design projects identified by community partners
  • Engineering Service Learning (ESL) : cornerstone experience to deliver real-world solutions with non-profit partners
  • Mobile App Challenge (MAC) : cross-disciplinary teams pitch their software solutions to help solve societal challenges

Everyone – the campus community and the public – is invited to Innovate to Grow 2017 on May 12th to see the amazing results of these projects. The work these teams perform will have long-lasting implications, not only for the students and partnering organizations, but also for the wider community, the state, the nation and, potentially, the world.

Click here for our 2017 Event Flyer. For more on the programs featured during Innovate to Grow, read more about our program and sponsors here.

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