About our Programs

About our Programs

Innovate to Grow has grown to encompass three signature threads of our campus' innovation culture:

  1. Innovation and Design Clinic
  2. Mobile App Challenge
  3. Engineering Service Learning

You can read more about each of our unique and exciting programs below and via the menu links to your left.

Innovation and Design Clinic

The Innovation Design Clinic takes place in engineering majors' senior years and involves groups of teams pulling and integrating all their coursework into one grand project challenge. The capstone team projects take a variety of forms, such as:

  • Industry-inspired projects
  • Work for nonprofits
  • Ideas that might become small businesses
  • Work for government labs

The hard work that goes into senior design projects culminates in a rigorous competition during Innovate to Grow.

Engineering Service Learning

This UC Merced’s cornerstone engineering experience, designed to expose first-year students to the power of engineering; and, through continuing partnerships with local nonprofits, design meaningful solutions to the challenges they face.  The unique opportunities presented by the Engineering Service Learning program are:

  • Participation by students from all majors and grade levels
  • Spans the course of a student's undergraduate career
  • Developing ties to their communities through relationships with local nonprofits

Mobile App Challenge

The Mobile App Challenge, managed through CITRIS at UC Merced, encourages students to develop innovative mobile applications for today’s most pressing societal needs. Team projects take one of two forms:

  • Apps inspired by needs that students identify on campus. The students expend co-curricular effort to develop working solutions. For example, part teams have come up with apps that show other students where to eat for free on campus, offer a mobile breathalyzer or let students know when a seat opens up in a class they desire, and lets them register automatically.
  • Other teams showcase their projects from the Software Engineering CSE 120 course, such as games that can be played on smart phones and tablets.

We expect more than 300 people this year from industry, the community and K-12 schools, plus, of course, our UC Merced students and faculty and staff members.

You can check out the 2013 and 2012 Innovate to Grow event archives here.

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