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Engineering Design Expo
Growing Industry Partnerships
Innovate to Grow Judges
Lend your expertise to our student experience -- participate as I2G judges (click on image to find out more)!
Capstone (IDC) Team
Past IV League Capstone Team member holding the IV Pole Redesign project for Valley Children's Hospital.
IDC Team displaying their poster
About the Innovation Design Clinic
IDC provides UC Merced's graduating seniors opportunities to learn and contribute through teams that include practicing engineers and other professionals from partner and sponsoring organizations...
UC Merced's Innovate to Grow poster competition
Prize Competition
Student teams, in partnership with industry sponsors, compete as finalists towards the grand prize.

SCHEDULE - 5/15/2020

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REGISTER for our Spring 2020  Innovate to Grow on Friday May 15, 2020.  Everyone – the campus community and the public – is invited to Innovate to Grow.  Come see the amazing results of student teams from our signature programs: (1) Capstone Innovation Design Clinic (2) Engineering Service Learning and (3) Mobile App Challenge. The work these teams perform will have long-lasting implications, not only for the students and partnering organizations, but also for the wider community, the state, the nation and, potentially, the world.

For more on the programs featured during Innovate to Grow, click on the links to read more about our programs and mentors/sponsors.

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Innovation Design Clinic (IDC)

Graduating engineers work on capstone design projects identified by community partners.

Visit the Team page.

Eng Service Learning (EngSL)

Cornerstone experience to deliver real-world solutions with non-profit partners.

Visit the Team page.

Mobile App Challenge (MAC)

Cross-disciplinary teams pitch their software solutions to help solve societal challenges.

Visit the Team page.

Featured News

Team Project Protect is developing a mobile app that translates and correctly pronounces medical words to assist younger people in helping their elders communicate better with health-care providers.
December 9, 2019

It’s a situation familiar to many UC Merced students: Having to translate for parents and other, older relatives who speak little or no English. It can be especially challenging when what you have to...

Students take part in the Design Expo at Innovate to Grow
May 30, 2019

Wastewater methane reclamation for the City of Merced. Odor abatement in BART Plazas. Solar collection for oxygen generation on Mars. UC Merced campus drone tour. Skin test analyzer for Valley Fever...

May 13, 2019

The undergraduate engineering curriculum at UC Merced offers students professional experience by participating in the senior capstone project, the Innovation Design Clinic (IDC). The IDC culminates...