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About Innovate to Grow

Celebrating Student Innovation and Creativity

Innovate to Grow is the annual showcase of UC Merced student ingenuity and entrepreneurship and the marquee event for the School of Engineering. Click here for exciting program and student updates.

Some student innovations are related to projects inspired by industry partners, where success might be measured by a provisional patent application submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or a system undergoing final design review for deployment at the industry partner’s plant.

Other innovations are for MobileApps project for students on campus, or for government labs or nonprofits in the local community.

And some of those innovations can turn into small businesses.

The innovation and entrepreneurial thinking embedded in our culture are signatures of our programs and highlight the unique student experience for undergrads on our campus. There are so many similar activities on campus that in 2014, we expanded to serve as a showcase for more than just the senior capstone projects.

Innovate to Grow began in 2012 as the culminating event for the School of Engineering’s senior capstone teams' final reports.

Today, it has evolved to encompass three signature threads of our campus's innovation culture:

Program Updates

Since our expansion of the program in 2014, our students have gained full-time employment with many of the project/industry partner companies such as Olam, Scholle, E&J Gallo - to name a few. Some of our students' innovations are being deployed or refined for deployment for industrial use, such as the Sweet Potato Harvester and the Security Camera Housing for Thermal Control. Also, our Cranium Cradlers team's innovation, via Children's Hospital Central Valley, has been presented to venture capitalists for startup funding consideration.

In 2016, there were seven brand new project partners for IDC with a focus on regional food/ag-related businesses, such as Blue Diamond, Frito-Lay, Del Monte, Pittman Farms, and Agrecom.

If you are interested in sponsoring our program and event, please visit our Innovate to Grow Parternship page.  

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