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What is "Capstone" Project?

The Innovate to Grow (I2G) program provides senior and graduating engineering students with the opportunity to work on their Engineering Capstone and Software Engineering class through addressing a real world problem posed by an external organization. I2G is currently a semester-long program, and a project is assigned to a team of 3-5 students with majors/skills that match the project requirements. I2G provides the opportunity to sponsor organizations to perform studies, conjecture solutions to problems, test ideas, and assess students on real work. The School of Engineering has the following five Departments and Engineering Majors: Mechanical, Civil and Environmental, Chemical and Material Science, Biological, and Computer Science.


How are teams and projects selected?

The list of project summaries proposed by partners, and applicable to Engineering or Software Capstone, are presented by the Professors of the respective class for the students to review and select in a web poll. Based on the results, the Professor forms teams to optimize the student's preferences, the engineering majors required for the project, and the priority of the proposed projects.


How is Capstone related to Innovate to Grow?

Innovate to Grow is the event in which we showcase our student’s engineering design talent from the Capstone projects. The Final Design Review is embedded in the event program, which culminates in a multi-faceted competition that also encompasses the School of Engineering's signature programs: Engineering Capstone, Software Engineering Capstone, and Engineering Service Learning.


Can I see examples of Capstone projects and proposals?

If you would like to see projects to get ideas for your submission you may:


What are the agreements for a Capstone - I2G project?  

You may find more information about execution of projects, agreements, and timelines at:


Where can I find more information?  

You may find more information about execution of projects, agreements, and timelines at: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)