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School of Engineering

Computer Science Engineering MAC Projects - Spring 2019

Capstone IDC | Engineering Service Learning | Mobile App Challenge

CSE Mobile App Challenge Teams (7 Categories/24 Teams) | Spring 2019

[UPDATE] Spring 2019 Capstone Finalists & Top Finishers

(For prior years team descriptions, visit our Teams Archive)


  • Team 5 | Bobcat Truckers
  • Team 15 | A 15 BPM Life
  • Team 21 | Team 120
  • Team 22 | In the Way

Search along Route

Truckers inherently rely on truck navigation systems, and would enormously benefit from real-time information, because any change causes much bigger problems, delays, and costs than to cars. An app is proposed to perform search for information that is useful to truckers along a specific route. This information includes traffic conditions, obstacles, police activities, weight limits, height limits, truck stops, closed lanes, road damage, toll roads, etc. To be compliant with traffic regulations, this app must be operated using voice commands.


  • Team 1 | Fantastic Farmers
  • Team 11 | AgTrack
  • Team 13 | Team KAT
  • Team 19 | J3X

Farm Operations Dashboard

Agworld is a modern farm management program that allows farm operators to plan and track jobs as well as costs associated with an operation.Although a large amount of data is gathered in Agworld, it is not presented as informative as it could be. A step toward making Agworld data presentable is to have a dashboard showing upcoming and completed jobs while highlighting overdue jobs. This data would be presented on TVs or as web platforms for users around the farm to get updated about what is going on and what has happened.


  • Team 2 | Copy & Paste
  • Team 12 | CPKV
  • Team 23 | J.K.T.

Scavenger Hunt

An app that allows teachers to create scavenger hunts for students to follow in the real world environment as homework or during a field trip. With this app, students have to go find something, take a picture or write a note, and submit it as homework or to receive points. For example, find a spider in the woods for bio class or find 3 examples of a certain writing in the library or find examples of 3 types of engineering in the science museum.


  • Team 6 | Team 6
  • Team 14 | Group 14
  • Team 17 | Dream Team 1.0

Industrial Application of Dykstra’s Algorithm

The Manifold application is a software system that manages a network of pipe lineups that transport wine between various types of locations such as tanks, filters, or trucks within a cellar. To improve the performance of creating lineup plans, the application is modified to incorporate the real-time status of each network components so that active components from current lineup can be reused in the next lineup. The new system will also optimize the distance of lineups as well as the number of components used within a lineup.


  • Team 3 | TruckIt The Dream Team
  • Team 9 | Nestlé Smarties
  • Team 10 | J's & S ©®™
  • Team 20 | Trucksy

Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports

Truck drivers are completing Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) daily for both power and trailing equipment. When a defect is identified on the training equipment and the trailing equipment is swapped for another unit, the equipment with the defect is not communicated to the next driver who attaches the power unit to the defective trailing equipment. To overcome this problem, a mobile app is designed to help drivers and mechanics complete and maintain the records.


  • Team 4 | i-Lens
  • Team 8 | Dang Diana Dang
  • Team 24 | Robocon

3D Environment to set out Objects

 A mobile app that allows users to select objects or families of objects in a 3-Dimensional model, create selection sets of those objects, establish control of the Robotic Total Station used in construction sites, rotate (turn) the total station to the location of an object in the model and ‘set out’ the object.


  • Team 7 | TriSquad
  • Team 16 | Two Birds with One Stone
  • Team 18 | Unicron

Skin Test Result Analyzer

Tests for Tuberculosis or Valley Fever require placing a skin test and reading the results (as measured by induration) 48-72 hours later. Reading the tests requires expertise (reaction size measured in millimeters) and two visits - one to place and one to read the test. Both of these factorslimit the utility of the testing. Smart phone technology (camera, measurement tools, etc.) could do the accurate readings remotely and therefore avoid the second visit by the patients.

(For prior years team descriptions, visit our Teams Archive)

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