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Attendees - How to explore and engage


WHEN:   See the schedule of the next event - semester.      SCHEDULE     




IN PERSON Attendees 


Please ** REGISTER ** as soon as possible ** so we have attendees count and badges ready.

  • Park in the reserved area (check which parking lot - follow signs).
  • Walk or shuttle to the Expo (check if this semester is Gym or Conference Center).
  • Pick up your badge at the Registration desk.
  • Registration and coffee start at 30 minutes before doors open.
  • Expo doors open at (see schedule of semester) for student posters/demos.
  • Lunch is served in boxes at the Expo.
  • Presentations start promptly! 
  • Search the room of your desired track (see the schedule below).
  • You may also attend the Award Ceremony and the Reception.



ZOOM Attendees


You do not need Zoom info prior to he event. 


Access to Zoom Tracks will be activated on the I2G home page just before the event!


Online Features:

  • Zoom "Rooms":  consecutive team slots

  • Each team will have a slot with a presentation, followed by Q&A (questions live or entered in Zoom chat)

  • Judges will ask questions and evaluate the presentation (via online form)

Important notes on Zoom accounts and Rooms:

  • If you plan to join a Zoom Room, you will need an authenticated Zoom account: that is, one that is linked to your email address and approved by clicking the email confirmation. 

  • If you do not have a confirmed Zoom account, you may sign up here for Zoom

  • Depending on registrations and availability in the room, it may take a moment to gain access, so plan to be a  and join 10 minutes before start.

  • Final links to Zoom rooms will be available before I2G starts at 

  • You will be able to access an introductory video if you join any room early

2 Ways to Participate:

#1.     If you wish to INTERACT (ask questions and Judge):

  • REGISTER as soon as possible ** see the REGISTER button ** in the EVENT page (please use your full name).

  • Select "Yes" in "Interested in Judging? or select a Judge Ticket*

  • You will be contacted for the selection of a Track to join at the live event

  • Live event (Friday - 10 minutes before Presentations start):  go to  

  • Sign in your Zoom account (users will be allowed in the Zoom Room only if authenticated)

  • If your Zoom Name appears different than your registration name, please indicate your First and Last Name that when you join a Room, to enable identification in Rooms

  • Please see instructions for Judges

#2.         If you wish to just ATTEND (in-out when you wish):

  • REGISTER as soon as possible ** see the REGISTER button ** in the EVENT page (please use your full name).

  • Select "No" in "Interested in Judging? * or select a Visitor ticket

  • Live event: join between any time during the event by going to

  • Visit the “Zoom Room” of interest based on the teams or projects listed (requires Zoom authenticated account), or

  • You may find the schedule of tracks at 

  • You may find a page to search and navigate details of teams and projects



Thank you for participating and ... see you soon!